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The year so far

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

August 2018 Update

2018 brings Griffith Racing Team to the production of our 4th student designed and built open wheel race car to compete in the Australasia FSAE competition. This year the competition has been moved to Winton Motor Raceway in Victoria and the team are excited to tackle a completely new track layout.

Previous years Griffith Racing Team have seen great success at the competition, with a 1st in acceleration (2016), 2nd in acceleration (2017), 3rd in endurance (2016) and high achievements in statics and business events. The goal for this year is to once again take out 1st in acceleration and complete endurance within the top 3.

The following update is intended for our many sponsors and affiliates to keep them updated on the progress of the 2018 build and the continued success of Griffith Racing Team.

The Chassis

The major component of any well designed race car is the chassis. The chassis for most vehicles is a bracket designed to connect all components in a safe and structural manner.

Our high quality chrome-moly is supplied by Performance Metals in Sydney and our tubing is cut by Laser Central in Queensland.

The timber jig shown in the images is laser cut by Southport State High and all our welding equipment is from Everlast Welders and Gold Coast Welding Supplies.

The speedy actions of all these companies allowed Griffith Racing Team to complete their chassis in May this year, months earlier than previous years.

Track Testing

In Previous years Griffith Racing Team have struggled to complete real world testing and driver training due to limited testing areas. This year, however, we continued our partnership with Xtreme Karting and began testing on their fantastic facilities in the 2017 FSAE vehicle ‘Krystal’.

So far we have managed 4 full test days with a total of 160kms.

These test days have allowed our 2018 drivers to become familiar with the finesse required to drive an FSAE vehicle and to also have a bit of fun outside of the classroom.

Griffith Racing Team is hoping to achieve 200 kilometres of testing before retiring the 2017 car, ‘Krystal’.

Brand Exposure

Outside of designing and building the 2018 FSAE vehicle, members from Griffith Racing Team strive to represent our sponsors and partners at many events.

This year the team have attended Griffith University Open Day, Gold Coast Schools Pop Up Science Centre, World Science Festival Brisbane, Griffith University O-Week and Student Guild Club Sign On.

The team have also held two Bunnings sausage sizzles fundraising over $1200. These events allow Griffith Racing Team to represent our sponsors and affiliates to thousands of people across Queensland.

Keep an eye out at GC600 and Race of Stars for the Griffith Racing Team display.

Industry Visits

Many Griffith University students complete their entire degree without getting a taste of real world engineering or workshop environments.

At Griffith Racing Team we strive ourselves in producing some of Griffith Universities top students, therefore, each year the team visits various engineering firms and workshops for student engagement.

This year we were lucky enough to visit Scott Taylor Motorsport, McElrea Racing, Pace Innovations, Tekno Performance and DJR Team Penske.

These visits enabled students to ask various questions and to get a taste of what life after University might hold.

GRT Future

The future of GRT is looking strong with many big announcements to come, including a possible Electric Vehicle for the 2019 competition and a new partnership with leading bearing company SKF.

The team were also proud to secure the ‘Most Outstanding Achievement’ award from Student Guild at the end of 2017 and continue to be one of the leading clubs at Griffith University.

We also welcome recent sponsors Enzed in Nerang and EFI solutions in Burleigh. Both companies helping students achieve a flawless fuel system for the 2018 vehicle.

The team have also received suspension components anodised by A-Grade in Ormeau, and they are looking flash.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our sponsors, partners and members of industry who have worked with us and allowed us to tour their facilities this year.

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