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Griffith Racing Team is a student-run club operating out of the Griffith University Gold Coast campus participating in the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (F-SAE) Australasia competition. Initially founded in 2014 by a small group of engineering students, the team fielded our first F-SAE vehicle in 2015 managing to complete all events competitively. Having thrown down the gauntlet, the team has fielded cars since and continued to impress with a competitive vehicle fielded at a low cost. 

The team has grown since 2014 to include students studying mechanical and electrical engineering, business, and marketing. We’re always looking for passionate and motivated students who are looking to improve their skills regardless of the degree they’re studying. If you think you’d be a good fit for the team, head over to the recruitment page and register your interest and get some more information about what’s involved. 

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The Competition

Formula SAE is an intercollegiate competition intended to better prepare students for working within industry by building employable skills, promoting teamwork and encouraging innovation. Primarily an engineering design competition in which students must design, validate, manufacture and race an open-wheel race vehicle, the program also includes business and marketing aspects. The F-SAE program began during the late 1970’s at the University of Houston an alternative to the Mini-Indy competition, however, over the last 40 years the competition has grown to include over 600 universities, thousands of students and is held in several countries. Teams are assessed on both static and dynamic events. 

There are three static events, engineering design, business presentation and cost report that are aimed at assessing the teams knowledge of vehicle dynamics, good engineering practise, business, marketing and finance. The dynamic events, consisting of Autocross, Endurance, Skid-Pad, Acceleration and Fuel Economy and assess the performance and reliability of the teams vehicle. The points breakdown is shown below.

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